• Spotted Mica Scrap.

  • Green Mica Splitting.

  • Mica Flakes Grade 'A'.

  • Mica Flakes Grade 'AA'.

  • Mica Flakes Grade 'AAA'.

  • Mica Powder.

  • Mica Washers.

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  • Mica Washers

    Siddhi Eximpmica industries has become a prominent name in the market for manufacturing premium quality mica washers.

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  • Green Mica Splitting

    We offer premium quality Green Mica Splitting, which comes under the mineral of highly perfect basal cleavage.

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  • Mica Flakes Grade 'A'

    Executive Publishing delivers your products and services directly to your target customer with maximum efficiency. 10 years of experience

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  • Green Mica Scrap

    We offer Green Mica Scrap are easily available in bulk quantity and can be supplied to any.

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  • Mica Powder

    We are one of the leading White Mica Powder Manufacturers and Exporters in India.

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  • Ruby Loose Mica Splitting

    We Offer high quality Ruby Mica Splitting, manufactured in no. 3, 4, 5 and 6 dusted loose splitting.

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